This message is to everybody who - actively or passively - support Mr. Trump for President of the United States of America
We - my wife Rosa and I - do and want to do everything what we can imagine to help Mr. Trump save America as the President of our country for the next 8 years. And we know we can contribute to it tremendously, utilizing our specific extremely valuable practical knowledge and our experience in applying it in our lives and watching amazing results (including saving my wife's life), as well as in helping others to use it. But we cannot help Mr. Trump without assistance of others, people like you, and without an involvement of others willing to learn some simple stuff and do it with us.
It's the last moment to save America, Freedom and Democracy
Proof! Mr Donald Trump Is Not An Insider, we need him to save America
Please read the following two short websites to learn some details. We need to create teams of people who actively support Mr. Trump on his way to become the greatest President of our beloved country. We never got such a really people-oriented President like Donald Trump (though there were several great Presidents, like my wife's and my beloved President Ronald Reagan, and John F. Kennedy, of course).
A part of what we want to also do is to restore the strength of American family. Let's do it together - it's worth our efforts, isn't it? Because a strong family means a strong nation. We will share with you the power of love that can solve any problem (Rosa and I are happy together for over 40 years). We are citizens ready to support Mr. Trump and be a part of all his future plans to build again a great nation, Americans living in a strong and prosperous country, the United States of America, our home. Do you want to be a part of it, too? If yes, read thoroughly everything on our two short websites and take action!
Sincerely yours,
Witold Wolkowski with my wife Rosa

We are a Polish couple, proud we can call ourselves citizens of this most wonderful country, the United States of America. We are extremely happy together for more than 40 years. We know from our hearts that love only can heal people. We lost a few years ago job and place for living when the employer learned my wife has cancer. Our story is long. What helped my wife to become 100% cancer free was the power of love between the two of us. When we get together, we can talk more about how important love is for everybody around.